Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Annika Archives #1 (5 old quotes)

In no particular order:

When Annika would go down the slide, when she was one, the only number she could say was 'Nine,' so instead of saying, "One, two, three..." she would say, "Nine, nine, nine!"

When she was learning talk, she named my (male) friend Adrian 'Mama Tie'

Her first sentence was "Daddy poo-poo!" When he went upstairs to use the bathroom.

Two of her favorite activities are 'paintening' and 'jumpening'

When she was learning to talk, she would say 'I love you' by always saying, 'Ossa Fissa Fiss.' Every time.


  1. What if she is actually fluent in German and was trying to tell you she did not want to go down the slide!! Nein, Nein, Nein!

  2. I wonder if Ossa Fissa Fiss is just her channeling in some other language, like Old Finnish or something.

  3. LOVE THAT LITTLE GIRL!!!! She has the funniest personality and the so smart!