Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Annika's strange litany of goodbyes

Just moments ago I was watching Annika put her toys away. She was talking to herself, slow enough that I could write it down:

"Bye bye, little rocking horse. See you on Wednesday.
Bye bye, little crayon. See you on fire truck day.
Bye bye, rocking swing, see you on scary day.
Bye bye, goat. See you on summer day.
Bye bye, tea cup. See you drinking tea.
Bye bye, block. See you to wash hands.
Bye bye, stethoscope. See you whenever you check persons.
Bye bye, horse. See you wherever you walk.
Bye bye, dog. See you wherever you bark.
Bye bye, Smurf. See you whenever you clean my house.
Bye bye, poo poo potty. I'll see you on a summer day!"

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