Friday, July 15, 2011


We were pretending and Annika said: "Here is a green lollypop with some milk on it. And some strawberries on it and some cream and sugar on it, and that will make it taste good. And I will put some pie on it, and milk, and you taste it with the spoon. Try it... WAIT MOMMY! You have to put some sugar on it! Before you try it. Here, try it, Mommy: sugar, cream, milk and sugar. And here is some orange."
Me: "Like the fruit?"
Annika: "Like the color of the rainbow. Like the flavor."
Me: "The flavor of what?"
Annika: "Of orange."
Me: "But the flavor of what?"
Annika: "Of orange"
Me: "What tastes like orange?"
Annika: "Cotton candy. I think you have a stomach ache."

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