Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Ode to Her Daddy

Annika spotted a hole in her car seat cover. "What's this hole, Mommy?" I told her that I didn't know. "Daddy probably ruined it," she said with certainty.

When she is happy with her dad she calls him her 'buddy.' Once we were in the store and he wandered off and she asked, "Where's my buddy?"                           ....BUT when she gets mad at him:
"You're not my buddy!"

"Mommy, you're 20, and Daddy's 16."

"I love you Daddy. And I want you to be happy."

Annika was playing with Daddy with the doctor kit. When she was all done getting her 'shot' she hugged his foot and said, "You're my sweet doctor!"

Me: "What's Daddy scared of?"
Annika: "Daddy's not scared of anything!"

Adam: "I'm big"
Annika: "I'm small! ...I wish I was big"
Adam: "Why?"
Annika: "Because you're big and I love you."

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