Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Annika at 4

4 yrs old:  

There was a HUGE wasp in AK’s room upstairs and since Adam was gone at work I valiantly tried to capture it, but ended up screaming and running around in a panic’d state instead, yelling and waving my arms around and causing a scene.
    Totally deadpan, Annika goes, “Wow, Mommy- if I had known you were going to put on a show I would have bought popcorn!”

“Ugh, you’re such a cardsharper, Mom”

“New York is where babies go to cry. That’s why they call it CryBaby City”

AK: Is this too much soap?
Me: Yes! Too much!
AK: Well I NEED too much soap!

“Life is pretty good, except when it’s being a jerk store!”

AK: Help me spell our address so I can write it!
Me: Ok. 1
AK: ok
Me: 6
AK: ok
Me: 7
AK: ok
Me: 2
AK: ok
Me: 3
AK: A little unusual, but ok
Me: W
AK: ok
Me: H
Ak: (laughs) Sorry, we only used H in the olden times.

Original jokes by Annika: (4yrs)

Q: How many clowns can fit into a small car?
A:  About 6

Q: What do you call something that has 60 windows and 5 wheels?

A.  A skyscraper with wheels

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